UG Handbook - Studying at university

You are now part of a dynamic academic community that will encourage, challenge and support you to reach your full potential.

At university we expect you to take responsibility for your own learning.  This means being self motivated and independent when it comes to your studies and your personal development. You will get out of your time at university what you put in.

You will graduate into a world in which you will continually refresh and increase your knowledge. Our aim is to equip you as a life-long learner who can excel in this environment.

We offer the support and the facilities giving you everything you need to become an independent learner who is equipped to succeed in a fulfilling career. In return we expect you to engage with your lectures and seminars, research and study your subject areas, work with fellow students as required and complete your assignments on time.  We also expect you to approach your studies with enthusiasm and put in the effort to excel at your studies and master your subject.

Independent learning means that you are expected to do the work involved to prepare for lectures, seminars and tutorials and to produce assignments and undertake exams based on your studies.  You will have world-class facilities and resources at your disposal, and fellow students with opinions and experience with whom you can share your thoughts and study experience.  So make the most of your time and the opportunities available to you.

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