UG Handbook - Code of conduct - Teaching Sessions

The Department aims for the highest possible standards in teaching. You can expect that scheduled teaching sessions will begin and end promptly, they will be properly prepared, and that complementary information will be provided on the VLE. Rescheduling of sessions is sometimes unavoidable, but it will be kept to a minimum and students will be informed as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that your lecturer/tutor does not arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled start of a session, please inform Reception, who will look into the circumstances immediately. Fortunately, this recourse is rarely needed.

As well as professional behaviour of staff, the Department expects appropriate commitment in teaching sessions from students. Mobile phones should be switched off. Texting, using social media, surfing the internet, talking to your neighbour, and so on are not things that a student should be doing in a lecture, seminar, tutorial or practical class.

There will be occasions when a student is unable to attend a scheduled session, but these should also be rare. In the event that you do miss a lecture, you should ensure, in advance, that someone you know and trust can take notes for you. To ensure you catch up you can also (1) look at the slides on the VLE, (2) listen to the class capture if the lecture has been recorded (3) do all the relevant reading.

Failure to complete required work, or attend compulsory teaching sessions without completing a self-certification absence form, or notifying the Department in advance, will mean that an Early Warning Report is issued (see Attendance for further information).

The Together York Community Declaration sets out our principles and expectations. Together, we are a community built on respect, fairness and compassion for all. 

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