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We want you to feel at home in the Department of Psychology. These pages cover some of the information you'll need.

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Welcome to Your Department

You are now a member of an academic department. The department is made up of staff who teach, supervise and undertake research, student services staff and other students like you.

  • Academic teaching staff  - they are there as leaders in their field willing to share their expertise and experience to help you learn, grow and push the boundaries of your capabilities and knowledge.
  • Your supervisor is there to help guide your studies and to monitor your progress over your degree programme.
  • Student services staff  - they are the mechanics behind making the department run smoothly. They will communicate important information, provide technical assistance and help signpost you to other services and support you might need within the University.

You are now also part of a student community belonging to your department.  Course reps are there to help represent your views to the department and to the University – so there is always a way to get your views heard. The Department takes student opinion seriously, and does its best to engage in constructive improvements to the course, our procedures, and the working environment.

Departmental Office

Departmental Office Staff are available from 9.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday to advise on general Departmental matters (hours may differ outside of term-time).  Departmental Office Staff are based at Reception.

Seminar Rooms and Offices

The Psychology Department is fortunate in having its own building and most of your teaching will take place in our building. The Department now comprises four main blocks. Block A was built first and is now the central block of the three. Block B was completed next and is the one closest to the Sports Centre. Block C is the Henry Wellcome Building.  Block E was completed in 2016 (accessible via A Block) to accommodate additional research staff.  All rooms on the ground floor start with '0', those on the first floor with '1' and those on the second floor with '2'. So, for example, you can tell that you will find room A202 on the second floor of 'A' block.

The Department has strong links with the York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC), which is situated on the Science Park. This unit provides world-class facilities for brain-imaging research and, unusually, there are good opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved.

Departmental Facilities

Lectures are held on Campus West.  You can use this online interactive map if you are unsure where rooms are located.

Tutorials, consisting of a small group of students and a member of the teaching or research staff, are held generally in seminar rooms in the Psychology building.

Practical Classes are generally held in one of the PC Labs on Campus West.  

Labs: The Department houses a number of laboratories for psychological and neuroscientific research. These are often managed by individual staff or research groups, but are typically used by undergraduates in the course of their final year projects and when undertaking research placements. Specialist facilities include an EEG Lab, A Sleep Lab, Spatial Hearing Laboratories, and Group Testing Labs. 

To contact the Student Documentation maintainers please email (use your University of York email address).