UG Handbook - Lecture Recordings

For your convenience many timetabled teaching sessions are automatically recorded and uploaded to the VLE (where available, these are normally located under a tab labelled "Replay Content" within the relevant VLE module).

Lecture recordings can be really useful when revising or catching up if you've missed a session (through illness, for example) and for students whose first language isn't English. 

It is important to be aware that this service is not guaranteed: i) some teaching rooms are not covered by recording equipment ii) some sessions are not timetabled for recording iii) other technical issues outside our control can sometimes prevent recording or lead to poor quality recordings. 

For this reason you should not become over-reliant on the availability of recordings. It is important to attend all timetabled teaching sessions and to make good notes which can support your learning and help with later revision.

To contact the Student Documentation maintainers please email (use your University of York email address).