Some examples of wikis

Need inspiration? Here are some wiki examples ...

Some examples

Here are a couple of examples of how you might use the wiki to present information:

Space directory

Have a browse through the Space directory (click on Spaces above) to see more examples of wikis at York. Try:

  • /wiki/spaces/DM/overview - an example of support pages for a specific subject area, containing guides and other resources. Note the use of labels to produce an A-Z of categories.
  • /wiki/spaces/DF/overview - an example of a wiki for a group or committee.
  • /wiki/spaces/ITSEPT/overview - an example of an outward-facing team wiki (visible to all, not just restricted to the team), providing details of the work of the team, team members, and documents that can be downloaded.
  • Research Computing Support - another example of support pages.