A sample departmental wiki

Here's an outline of what a departmental wiki or intranet might look like.

You could add a welcome message here. Add a child page for each of the main topics below, and then to each of those child pages, add further child pages for the sub-topics. Make the text below into live links to the relevant pages.

Staffing matters

  • Staff list
  • Organisation charts
  • Staffing policies and guidelines
  • Training
  • Staff development
  • Information for new starters 
  • Information for leavers
  • Health and Safety

Team spaces

  • Teams and Groups


  • Projects, documentation, reporting 

Policies & processes  

  • Policies & processes

  • Staffing policies and guidelines

  • Finance and purchasing

  • Business continuity and risk registers

Governance & management

  • Governing and managing committees
  • Senior Management Team
  • Departmental Strategy

How do I ...?


  • Authorised signatories
  • Duty information and rotas
  • Facilities
  • Forms bank
  • Green Impact
  • Departmental newsletter
  • Technical Documentation
  • Marketing & Comms

External activities

  • Conference and trip reports

You could include a 'Recently Updated' macro here

Contact details, where to find help etc.