Experience - Forensic Psychology

Criminal justice related experience

The following organisations regularly recruit volunteers: Probation Service, Youth Offending Teams, Network 2, Victim Support and the Police (Special Constables). The Criminal Justice careers website also includes advice about volunteering in criminal justice settings. Please be aware that many of these organisations require a minimum of a years commitment, so best to look into these early during your time at York.


Final Year Project: Could you select a topic in forensic psychology for your final year project? This might provide an opportunity to link your research with a local forensic setting. If this is not possible, try to select an area of psychology that might be relevant to forensic psychology. If you haven’t studied any forensic psychology on your course do some self-directed reading in the subject and try to attend conferences – great for networking!

Consider opting for the Advanced module in Forensic Psychology, if it is running.

Sign up for York Award courses such as Court in the Act, Counselling Skills, Presentation Skills or British Sign Language

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