How to use Universal Viewer

The Discover York Digital Library primarily utilizes the Universal Viewer. This viewer facilitates access to information about a work or digital object, along with its metadata, including rights and licenses. By seamlessly enabling access, it helps save time. The viewer is an open-source, community developed project aligning with the wider university objective of being a University for Public Good.

Universal viewer is currently our default viewer for Discover York Digital Library collections. This viewer may change as the new Digital Library product evolves. Visit this link to read more about Universal Viewer.


Universal Viewer Window :

The initial universal window for a collection is a shown. The collection data is automatically loaded and displayed.

Universal Viewer Window

Sequential Navigation (Using next and back buttons) :

To navigate a collection, select a collection from the Index. This will display the content from this particular collection in the viewer. To navigate sequentially use the next / back icons.

Sequential Navigation.png
Sequential Navigation


Thumbnail Navigation :

If the thumbnail option is selected, all the objects in the particular collection are display, Using the scrollbar, the particular object can be located and selected.


Page Navigation (based on page number) :

To go to a particular page, enter the page number and then select Go.


Downloading Images :

To download the image of an object, select the download option and select the size to download. Download option is only enabled for those collections where licenses permit.


Sharing :

To share the collection, use the share button and use the sharing link provided.


Embedding :

To embed a collection in another page (subject to licensing), use the share button and then select the embed option. The link provided can then be used to embed the content.