Open Research at York survey 2023/24

Towards the end of 2023 our Graduate Engagement Leads carried out a survey into open research practice across the University and are pleased to share their findings and recommendations. The full report, along with data and analysis script, is available on the Open Science Framework (OSF)

The survey was fairly well-received, with 328 responses from a variety of staff and students across all three faculties. Strong levels of understanding and experience were reported for open access journal article publishing, with good understanding but lower levels of experience also reported for book and chapter publishing. Other practices received mixed levels of understanding and experience, with notable variations between faculties. Training and advocacy activities were also examined, with only a minority of respondents indicating that they had engaged with existing materials, and suggestions made for more general support and introductory overviews. 

Some broad recommendations are suggested in the report, including further review of training and support provision alongside communication strategies for open research advocacy and improved collaboration and engagement with colleagues in developing a University-wide open research culture. The Open Research team is currently midway through recruitment for two new Graduate Engagement Leads and the recommendations made in this report are expected to inform their objectives and activities throughout the next academic year.