UG Handbook - What happens if I fail a module?

There are two possible ways in which you may still be able to pass your year and progress to the next level.


For modules at an undergraduate level, in levels 4, 5 and 6, the pass mark for module assessments is 40. However, in any year other than your final year if your mark for a module is in the 30 – 39 range, you may still be able to get the credits for the module if your performance in other modules is good enough to compensate. In other words, ‘marginal’ failure in some modules may be compensated by achievement in others. In your final year, the same principle can apply as long as your mark in a module is at least 10.


If you get a module mark below the level at which it can be compensated, or if you have too many modules with failing marks to be allowed to compensate them all, you will have to be reassessed. However, there is a limit to the number of credits in which you can be reassessed. If you get a mark between 30 and 39 (or 40 and 49 for Masters-level modules) and you are not eligible for compensation, you may also need to be reassessed in those modules.

If you need to be reassessed to pass a module, it is important to note that it will be your mark on your original attempt that will be used to calculate your degree classification. We will not use your resit mark.

For further information on compensation and reassessment, see the Student Guide to the University’s Rules for Progression and Award.

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