Forensic Psychology (UG Careers)

If you intend to pursue a career in Forensic Psychology, it is necessary to demonstrate some relevant experience. However, it is acknowledged that gaining work experience in forensic settings is very difficult, though not impossible, for reasons such as security and confidentiality. While on the MSc Applied Forensic Psychology, you will have guidance from members of the course team to apply for voluntary opportunities and work placements.

Working with offenders can be difficult, emotionally and mentally, so any experience that shows you have experience of working with ‘difficult’ people in challenging situations and are able to cope with an element of personal risk will be helpful. You will also need to demonstrate an understanding of the needs of offenders, victims, and those affected by the criminal justice system and approaches to working with them. Knowledge of the role of the Psychologist in the criminal justice system is also advised, so some relevant work experience would be helpful in that respect too.

The Forensic Psychology section of the webpage below will give you an overview of what kind of work experience is relevant, and will help you to identify opportunities:

You might also find the following job sector page useful:

Talks on a career in Forensic Psychology are available on the VLE Psychology Employability Tutorial under Psychology Resources and Careers Days talks – these give a personal insight into the career.

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