UG Handbook - Change your plan

There are many occasions when personal circumstances may make it necessary for you to change aspects of your course. However, the decision to make changes to your course should not be taken lightly and it is essential that you understand the implications that any changes may have. You should discuss any proposed changes with your supervisor.

Transferring to another programme of study

If you are unhappy with your programme of study, you should talk to your supervisor and discuss the options available to you. One option is to transfer to a different programme of study within the University. Transfers cannot be guaranteed, and are dependent on you meeting the academic requirements of the new programme and there being space on your preferred programme. If you are considering transferring, you should speak to your supervisor as soon as possible.

We can also advise you if you wish to transfer from York to a programme of study at another university.

Leave of absence

A leave of absence allows you to take an authorised break in your studies for a maximum of one calendar year in the first instance. This can be on a variety of grounds including medical or compassionate grounds.


Withdrawal is the term used when a student decides to leave the University permanently prior to completion of the award for which they are registered, whether for personal or academic reasons. Students who withdraw any time after the end of their first year are often eligible for recognition of their earlier achievements through the award of a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education.

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