UG Handbook - Feedback on Learning and Assessment

'Feedback' at a University level can be understood as any part of the learning process which is designed to guide your progress through your degree programme by providing commentary on your work to date.  We aim to help you to reflect on your own learning and help you feel clearer about your progress through clarifying what is expected of you in both formative and summative assessments.  The University guidelines for feedback are available in the guide to Assessment Standards, Marking and Feedback.

The Department’s intention is to provide, wherever possible, timely and useful feedback on assessment so that it is clear why a grade was awarded and what a student could do to improve his or her performance.

For core (1st and 2nd year) and advanced (3rd & 4th year) modules, the responsibility for providing feedback lies with the module organiser. For third year literature survey plans and project drafts, feedback will be supplied by the relevant supervisor.

Marking guidelines and grade descriptors can be found, together with an overview of our marking procedures, in the Handbook section entitled "How is my work marked?".

For core module coursework and advanced module formative assessments (which will normally take the form of practice essays, often carried out under 'mock exam' conditions), feedback will normally be provided either in the form of comments on the work itself, or on a separate feedback cover sheet, or both.

Where modules provide problem classes, students should take advantage of these classes to get informal feedback on general problems. Note that module organiser and other teaching staff will not be able to provide detailed help in preparing coursework for assessment.

For core and advanced module examinations, feedback will consist of the mark awarded. Module organisers will provide general comments on coursework and examination performance by the class as a whole.  Detailed feedback on individuals’ examination performance will not normally be provided.  Final-year students will have an opportunity to review their advanced module examination scripts after the marking is completed.

For modules involving regular coursework assignments, marks and other feedback where appropriate will normally be provided during the term.

For core and advanced modules, marks for examinations and coursework as well as coursework feedback will be provided as soon as possible after the assessment is completed.  Students will be notified by email when marks are available via the web, and there will be an opportunity at your next meeting with your supervisor to discuss your overall performance in relation to the marks and feedback provided.

Students who feel that module feedback is seriously inadequate should contact the module organiser via email in the first instance. Unresolved difficulties in obtaining feedback should be referred to the Chair of the Board of Studies.


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