UG Handbook - Guide to Online Submission of Work

Submission points (one per assignment) are set up on the relevant module pages of the VLE. The submission points are available from the beginning of the semester. Clear instructions about how to submit your work electronically are provided at the following links:

  1. Submitting work to an anonymous assignment submission point - video
  2. Submitting work to an anonymous assignment submission point - guide

Please note the following:

  • DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO UPLOAD YOUR WORK. A slow internet connection is not accepted as an exceptional circumstance.  Home connections are potentially slower and more unreliable than connections on campus, so give yourself enough time to submit and thus avoid a penalty.  It is advised that you start your submission at least thirty minutes before the deadline.
  • You must NOT include your name on your work - please see the following guide on anonymising work prior to submission.
  • You may submit as many times as you like up until the due date and time has passed.
  • TurnItIn only stores your most recent submission.
  • If you have already made a submission to a submission point, you will not be able to submit again after the due date and time has passed.  If you’ve yet to make a submission when the due date and time for that submission point has passed, you can only submit once. If you have received an extension/extra time that will allow you to submit after the due date and time has elapsed, then do not make a submission until you are as sure as you can be that it is the piece of work you intend to be marked.
  • If you need to make a superseding submission to a submission point where the due date and time has passed, you will need to contact to clear the current submission so that you can submit again.  When making such a request you must include the digital receipt for the submission you wish to be cleared along with the name of the VLE site the submission point is located within.  The digital receipt can be downloaded from the submission point itself. 
  • If you have an extension for an assessment or extra time for an exam, your adjusted deadline is not currently reflected within TurnItIn submission points.  You will see the standard deadline displayed in the submission point as the system doesn't currently facilitate display of individualised assessment deadlines.
    Do not worry however, even if the system indicates your submission is late. As long as you make your submission before your agreed due date and time, you won’t be penalised for late submission.
  • On successful submission of a document you will see your submission listed in TurnItIn's Assignment Dashboard.  It is strongly advised that you immediately then either view your work via TurnItIn or download your work from TurnItIn.  This is to check that you have uploaded the correct file and that it appears as expected.  Click the Paper Title link in the Assignment Dashboard to view the document within TurnItIn's interface (and see the generated text matching report).  Click the downward pointing arrow icon at the right of the listed submissions row to download the original file you submitted.
    It is your responsibility to submit the correct file, a file that is readable (not corrupt) and a file in the required format. 
  • All submissions may be screened for collusion and plagiarism. By submitting your assignment you agree to the University rules on Collusion and Plagiarism.
  • If there is a genuine technical problem with the VLE at the time you intend to submit and it is close to the deadline then please e-mail your work to  This may only be used as a last resort in the case of verifiable technical issues with the VLE. Submissions not meeting these conditions may be ignored. The time stamp on the email will determine the time of submission.

To contact the Student Documentation maintainers please email (use your University of York email address).