UG Handbook - Assessment format and submission of work

Definitive information related to the format and submission of assessments is provided through a dedicated "Assessment and Submissions" VLE module for each year of the course.

Formatting Recommendations

Even though most or all of the written work is submitted electronically, it is worth getting used to producing legible clear, easy to read documents. Without wishing to create any anxiety we advise you to stick to these recommendations (they are based on Project and Literature Survey formats used in the 3rd year). You will not normally be penalized for deviating from these recommendations.

  • Text should be in legible font (eg a Times variant or Arial style) and at least 11pt
  • Text should have either double or 1.5 line spacing 
  • Margins of at least 2.5cms on all 4 sides (top, bottom, left, right) are advised.
  • Tables and graphs are usually centered on the page
  • Formatted for A4 paper.

Word Count, Word Limit

  • The word count should be clearly indicated at the end of the report.
  •  For further details on what is included or excluded in word counts, please consult the Word Limits section of the UG Handbook - Penalties page.


  • Give yourself time to check your project report carefully for errors before you submit
  • For printed submissions bear in mind that failure of a printer when you leave printing to the last minute can mean missing the deadline and incurring a major penalty – allow plenty of time!  
  • Consult the UG Handbook - Penalties page for information on what to do if you can't hand in on time due to illness or other factors, and the potential consequences to project marks
  • Keep below the word count maximum (see above)

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