Key Shared Pages

This is a section which can be used to store documents or sections of documents that are likely to be needed in several places (for example, term dates, faculty administrative responsibilities etc.). There is nothing special about the "Key Shared Pages" section, except that it is somewhere to put content you expect to be reusable, and where you can find such content that others have already made available.

How to include the content of one page in another

Including the content of one page in another is easy. It uses "macros", short text codes surrounded by curly brackets ('{' '}')that tell the wiki software to do something beyond just displaying the text in the edit box. You can access macros by typing the codes into the edit box yourself, or using the Insert menu item in the rich text editor.

To include material from these pages in your own section use the {include} and {excerpt} macros. E.g., to include the test page below in one of your own pages, create a new page with the appropriate title, then in the edit box type:

{include:PsySharedDocs:Shared Test}

This is illustrated below - the green box is just to highlight included text, but it doesn't normally appear.

This text comes from a page called "Shared Test". Using the {include} macro you can include the content of one page in another.